What do you say?

By Ted Hendricks (Friday, August 05, 2016)
What do you say?

What do you say when you meet someone new?  Maybe it's the cashier at the local store, or it might be a recently hired co-worker, or perhaps it's a neighbor who moved in next door.  Whatever the case, sometimes conversation comes naturally and you feel as if the words flow with ease.  But other times you might be uncomfortable and unsure of your words.   Sometimes conversation with a new baby or toddler can be a challenge for a dad.  For one thing, babies don't often talk back in a way that we can understand which makes carrying on a conversation about your favorite football team, a one sided event.   It can be like throwing a pass without a receiver.  Some guys feel a bit embarrassed talking to a baby and they end up not really even trying which is a missed opportunity. 

I forget the name of the movie as it was several years back, but I remember a scene where a dad was holding his baby and was not sure what to say.  He ended up grabbing the newspaper and read the first article he found.   It happened to be a account of the boxing match that took place the night before with a right jab here and a left hook there.  The guy read in a soothing and pleasant tone and the baby listened until he eventually fell asleep.   There was no back and forth exchange but the fact that the baby was able to listen and hear the sound of his dad's voice helped to stimulate his brain and expand his world. 

The point is not to get hung up on what you are saying.   Don't miss opportunities to talk to your baby.   Describe things that you see, read a story, or share dreams of what you hope will happen in the future.  Talking to you baby is an important part of his development and well being. 

.......Does anyone remember the name of that movie????