Daddy's Tool Bag Goes Digital!

By Ted Hendricks (Thursday, October 08, 2015)
Daddy's Tool Bag Goes Digital!

Welcome new and experienced dads to powered by dads. Since the start nearly a decade ago, our focus has been to bring dads closer to their babies and give them the tools to build confidence and strengthen early bonds.

We are so excited to offer the entire Daddy's Tool Bag video library in this digital delivery format to allow an even larger audience to participate. You will be able to access all the videos after entering the password provided by your county's First 5. We are also looking forward to featuring local dads being great dads in our "Hero" dads section. Here you will find photos of dads in action doing everyday and not-so-everyday things with their children. Being a hero doesn't always mean saving somebody from a burning building. Sometimes it just means being an involved and supportive dad. So take a moment and text us a photo of you with your child, we will either put it on our Facebook page or include it on this website.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!