Breastfeeding and Dads!

By Ted Hendricks (Friday, October 16, 2015)
Breastfeeding and Dads!

You might not think that you have any responsibility here, but you are a very important part in this situation. Dads who support breastfeeding and are supportive of the mother play a valuable role in determining the success of breastfeeding a new baby. A mom who sees support from the dad will be encouraged even when challenges arise.

And why is breastfeeding so important vs feeding formula? Studies show that babies who are breastfed have lower chances of ear infections, have stronger immunity to fight other illnesses, and may be less likely to have certain childhood cancers. Breastfeeding reduces risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and inflammatory bowel disease later in life. Breastfeeding can also help protect your baby from developing certain allergies. The list goes on and on!

So what can you do? Well the first thing is to educate yourself on the above benefits and find out about the many others. Then make sure the mother knows you are on board and support the decision for breastfeeding. Let her know that if there are challenges along the way, you will be there and will help out. You can offer to bring her water when she is sitting with the baby, you can also use pumped breast milk in the middle of the night so that mom can get a bit more sleep.

The bottom line is that we might not be equipped to actually do the breastfeeding, but we are certainly equipped to lend a hand and be a powerful part of the success.