About Daddy's Tool Bag


For over a decade the mission of Daddy's Tool Bag has been to build strong bonds between dads and their babies, providing education and products that engage dads from the very beginning. Dads who are involved with newborns are more likely to be continuous influences in their children's lives as they grow.



The focus on newborn care is primarily on the mother—which makes sense because she gives birth to the baby and breastfeeds the baby. There is no doubt that being a mom is a big and important job!

But the business of newborn care has traditionally ignored dads—and dads are important too. Every baby deserves the best start in life, and having an active and involved dad is a key ingredient. There are tons of things that a man can do, but dads sometimes don't know where to fit in when babies are small. The fact that all the hoopla, celebration, and marketing is aimed at moms doesn't help. However, if dads are shown where and how they can be a part of their newborn's life, and they're given the right education to make them feel confident in being involved, they can begin a bond that will last a lifetime. The just need the right tools.

Daddy's Tool Bag—All the tools you need as a new dad.


Ted Hendricks, founder and creator of Daddy's Tool Bag, is the proud father of two kids. It started simply…..diaper bags are usually made with moms in mind. When Ted had his second child he thought, “Hey, where's my diaper bag?” So he made his own. Given his background in the power tool industry, a “tool themed” bag seemed appropriate. An educational video was a natural fit and it is now in its 3rd edition. Through countless focus groups and input from experts in the field, the video content has evolved to be responsive to the modern dad.

When Ted's kids where babies, he learned to be a capable diaper-changer and be the supportive guy who would bring his wife a glass of water while she was nursing. When his kids were little, he was the master baby proofer in the house, outwitting clever little toddlers at every turn. As his kids got into school, he was a Cub Scout leader and homework helper. He is always finding ways to stay active and involved with his children.

Ted believes in the mission of Daddy's Tool Bag, and his demonstrated commitment to his family "walks the walk and talks the talk" of what Daddy's Tool Bag is all about.

Daddy’s Tool Bag Gives Back

A portion of proceeds from The Daddy’s Tool Bag Store is donated to charities that support Fatherhood Initiatives.

About the Video Codes

The Daddy’s Tool Bag Online Video Library is accessed by entering a code. Codes can be obtained from a growing number of local and national agencies specializing in Fatherhood and Family Services who help support the Daddy’s Tool Bag Program.

If you have questions about finding a code or have had trouble locating an agency to provide a code, please contact us by clicking the “Contact” tab.